Where Can I Donate My Car

One of the most common questions car donation charities get is “where can I donate my car?” Most people think they can just go to their local car donation charity and just pick up their car for donation, but that’s not how it works. Even if you have a title or other legal right to the car, that doesn’t mean the car donation charity will accept it. They will only take your car if they are certain it’s still under their custody or control.

There are three main car donation charity locations: the local Red Cross, the US navy and the Armed Forces Association, also known as the VA. Many of these organizations handle car donations for local and state-based charitable and government programs. However, not all of them do. The IRS and certain other government agencies don’t accept these forms of donations, so check with your own government offices to see if your car will qualify. You can also check directly with the car donation charity to find out what their policies are.

To find out if you car will be accepted, check with the car donation charity. There should be a phone number or website for you to call. Ask about their car acceptance policy and what paperwork you need to fill out and how the process works. They will give you a mailing address or direct email address where you can send in your car donation application. It’s important to fill out the forms accurately. Keep a copy of every document you send in along with your original vehicle VIN number and be sure to send your completed application by email.

If the car donation charity accepts your car, the process may be very quick. Your money will be sent to the appropriate charity immediately. But again, check with the car donation charity to make sure.

Even if your car doesn’t meet the requirements for car donation, your car donation is still good. You can still help out a charity you care about through a great program like this. Just make sure your car donation goes towards its stated purpose. A great car donation charity doesn’t take cars; they take people.

So that you know where can I donate my car?, consider these ideas. Contact a car donation charity. Find out what they do. Then find out what kind of paperwork and other information they’ll need to process your car donation.

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